Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: Coastal Classic Creations Lip Product: Idas Rose Lipstick

This is a lovely color in real life. It is described on Coastal Classic Creations's website as a Raspberry Rose color, and that describes it very well. On the lips it is very sheer, and very glossy. Love the color!

However, it is quite the hard product. You have to warm it up with your fingers before applying. I do like that it lasts quite awhile on your lips, and is very glossy.

I also dislike the smell very much. The main ingredients are sunflower seed oil and palm kernel stearin. It smells like sunflower seeds, and very strongly. I'm not sure if mine went bad, or it they all smell like that.

Other ingredients: Candelila Wax and Red iron oxide.

I bought this in a mini travel size set to sample a few different products from Coastal Classic Creations, and I love the blush and eyeshadow that I also purchased.

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