Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadow

I'm so excited to get a few colors from the new Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadow collection! I got Bella Violet (shimmer), Bella Navy (satin matte), and Bella Teal (metallic). I love these fun colors, and can't wait to play around with some looks for these! I have only swatched them so far. Do you own any of these?

July Empties and Update

Hello All,

I have been away from blogging from quite some time now, as I was going through major life changes and needed to sort out my life first. During that time, I did start dating someone new. He is quite honestly the best man I have ever met in my life!

Its been a year almost since we started dating. I also have moved back home with my parents, so there's a peek at only some of the big changes that I have been experiencing.

And now....on to my empties! These are what I used up during July 2014. Its a bit early but I have a lot already and I will be working a lot at the end of the month. :)

1. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Face Wash: This is my favorite face wash of life. I like how its gentle, cheap and soap-free. It removes all my makeup well, but doesn't feel drying. I usually wait for this to go on sale, it frequently does, and it around $4. 

2. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: Have you ever used these? Don't they feel so satisfying when you clean out your pores? As gross as that sounds. I only buy the nose strips. 

3. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo: This is pricey, but did a good job, was gentle, moisturizing, and smelled really good. I would consider on a sale. 

4. Clean Warm Cotton Lotion (deluxe sample): This smelled like laundry detergent! And very strong smell indeed. I did not enjoy smelling like laundry. I used this up on my legs after shaving. 

5. Toothpaste :) Crest Pro-Health Regular and Travel size: Will always go back to this. 

6. CVS Brand Makeup Cleansing Wipes: These were on sale, so I grabbed them. The packaging fell apart about 3/4 through which I did not enjoy, and it made the last ones a bit dry. 

7. Ayres Body Butter: Strong smell of rosemary. Felt nice. I prefer more girly, floral/citrusy scents. 

8. Origins Ginzeng Face Lotion: My favorite face lotion ever!! Its my third bottle I think, and I will always go back to this. 

9. Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream: I loved this so much, I got it on a Nordstrom gift with purchase deal for spring, which was amazing. They gave soooo many good size samples. This deluxe sample lasted me almost 2 months, no joke. It was so moisturizing, and felt so nice. My concealer just glided on. It helped with puffiness too. The full size is $85 so a bit off-putting, but it was amazing so I might consider it as a treat after my Origins runs out again. 

10. Clarins Eye Concentrate: (deluxe sample) I also really enjoyed this. Very very good. It didn't smell like anything, just a bit perfumey. But the smell went away quickly. 

11. Benefit Stay Don't Stray: Loved this, would definitely repurchase if I didn't have so many problems cream products irritating my eyelids lately. I would repurchase maybe for special occasions but for everyday I can't wear products like these anymore. Does anyone else get those little white bumps from cream shadows and bases?

12. Bite Beauty Lip Gloss ''2005'': A gold glitter with a clear gloss base. Part of a gift set from bite beauty. 

13. Clean Rain Mini Perfume: Also smells so strong and like detergent, why?????

14. Samples of Orogold Cosmetics 24 carat gold Face CreamI included this because I got so many samples of this. I used up 4 samples last month. It smelled nice, and states it contains real gold. I'm not sure of the benefit of applying gold to your face, but it felt nice and moisturizing, and non-irritating.