Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product Review: L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base (Face Primer)

L'Oreal Magic Perfecting Base (Face Primer). The box says 890 on the top, not sure if this comes in any different colors?

This retails at CVS and Walgreens for 12.99 normally, but sometimes goes on sale. I purchased it from CVS for $10.99. It has 0.5 fl oz in it, or 15 mL. 

I have used this under my foundation on my t-zone, and my forehead was not oily, so I was happy. But I need to really test this on a day where I work and wear my foundation for 12+ hours.

So far my favorite use for this product, and the main reason I purchased it was to prime my undereyes before applying concealer. My undereyes have fine lines, especially when I smile, and I need to use a primer to prevent creasing. I'm trying out different products right now to see what works well for preventing or delaying the creasing with my new concealers. 

This product is very good. I have tried out all my concealers, and using foundation as a concealer, and I have had much less creasing than without. When using my foundation, even a thicker layer, I don't have any creasing. 

I also like the consistency. Its very creamy and soft, in fact, it feels like mousse, but so soft and silky. It dissolves into your skin, and feels very soft in the undereye area.  It does not break me out either, which is important!!

I recommend this product if you are looking for a primer, but don't want to spend too much $$. I especially recommend this for undereyes!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Product Review: Physicians Formula Bamboo Silk Bronzer

I purchased this bronzer from the drugstore. I have always wanted to try Physicians Formula Products, because I have heard a lot of good things about them, but always held back because I can't try them on in person!

But I chanced it on this one. And....I hate it! I hate the smell, and for that I would return it alone. But I also hate the finish. It smelled so bad I had to wash it off my face immediately. I don't know how to describe the smell, but it was not one that I could put up with. It also looked very powdery on my cheeks and emphasized my pores, and showed up slightly orangey on me.

This is the color 'Light Bronzer'. I got the light since they were out of medium, and the dark I thought might be too dark. It has a slight shimmer in the  bamboo design portion.

It looks very cute in the container, with the cute bamboo design. But ugh ugh ugh smell.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Half Birthday and Giveaway for My Life, The Universe and My Shoes!

Happy Half Birthday and Giveaway for

My Life, The Universe and My Shoes!

Alice at My Life, The Universe and My Shoes is celebrating her blog's half birthday, and is running contest to win Mac's Dazzlesphere in Smokey Blue.

Click here to enter here giveaway. Aren't they pretty??

I haven't picked up anything from Mac's new collection, but I was really tempted by their dazzlespheres and shimmery paint pots.

Smokey Blue has 4 shades: Silver Sleet, White as Snow, Winter Sky, and Dark Moon. Don't forget to enter!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Blush Collection

My blush collection! I included a picture of Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer, because I only recently used it up, and I loved it. 

On the top left is my (favorite) blush, Lorac 'Soul' blush. It is my go-to everyday blush, especially since I'm out of Dallas. its a tan/rose. Its in my 'Croc' palette by Lorac. In the summer when I am tanner, I also use this as a bronzer. 

On the top right is Tarte's 'Blushing Bride', a sparkly rose.  

Bottom left is my new favorite blush. Its a mineral blush, and is called 'Coral Sea', by Coastal Classic Creations. This is the mini sample size. It looks so scary orange in the container! But it applies so beautifully, and this shade really warms my face with a pretty coral color. 

Bottom right is Stila Custom Color (original pink) blush. A very pretty pink. It looks hot pink in the pan too, which is fun. 

Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer, which I just love! It's such a pretty peachy tan. I use this as a blush, bronzer, and all over face color. Very versatile, which I like!

I also recently picked up the new Nars 'Danmari' Blush Palette. It is very fun to have so many pretty colors in one palette. It is quite big too.

Of this palette, my favorites are the bronzer 'Casino' (brown shade on bottom left) and blush 'Sin'. (Bottom right), though I have been using Desire quite a bit more than I thought I would (top right). Its a matte shade, so I thought it was nice they included at least 1 matte.

It would have been the perfect palette except that they included Superorgasm and orgasm, and I think they should have included a second matte blush instead of Superorgasm. But I still think it is a very nice palette.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Drugstore Concealers and Eye Brighteners

After spending the past year in school, I didn't bother much with concealer or foundation. But I'm going to start working soon, so I am starting to look for good concealer options for my dark circles. I want to look polished and put together, I don't want to look tired!! I want to look awake and put together.

I decided to check out the drugstore, since I've seen a lot of positive reviews for budget concealers. 

I am VERY happy with these! They work really well for me. 

The first is a concealer by Physicians Formula, which is a medium coverage for me. It's their 'Concealer Twins Correct and Cover Cream' product. I got it in the shade yellow/light because i have blueish toned dark circles and the yellow cancels these out. Then the light covers up the yellow color. I have been applying primer to make it apply smoother, and set it with a light dusting of powder. 

I don't have problems with creasing when I use a primer. I personally love concealers with wands. I blend with my fingers, but I like being able to dab the product on where I want it first. Very easy to use. 

I got mine at CVS, I don't remember how much it cost, but on Physician Formulas website it was only $7.65. Great price!

The second product is Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Dark Circles Eraser. (below) I got this after reading a review by blogger Veronika from Veronika's Blushing. I got it in the pinkish-beige shade, it's labeled 'Brightener'. 

I use this when I want light coverage and brightening. The product itself is very lightweight, and liquidy. 

I don't need to apply any primer with this, it stays put as is, and doesn't crease. Very speedy to apply!

I also bought this from CVS, and it was $7.99. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Buying Backups of Makeup Products: What Products Do you Do this For?

But I just bought 2 backups of a product that I haven't even used up! Call me crazy, but I am in love with this product. 

this image is from google (gold dust is the bottom right)

Its Estee Lauder Shadow Creme Eyeshadow in 'Gold Dust', and its limited edition, and sold out in many stores. I bought it over the summer, and it is my perfect everyday look. 

It literally looks like gold dust is delicately sprinkled on your eyelid. On me, no base color shows up at all ( I have a medium skin tone), just the gold sparkle. And since its cream, no glitter fallout, no creasing, and it just stays wherever you put it. I love it!!!

I bought it online via, which I only recently discovered, and love that I can find many brands that I don't have near me. However, currently their descriptions and reviews, even the pictures are not always great for the products. I think this is a good website only if you know already what product you are looking for, not for browsing. 

A few times in my life I have re-purchased a product I really liked after using it all up, but usually not immediately.

A list of my re-purchased products:

-Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Foundation-my go-to foundation-Worn for 4 years

-Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder-Worn for 3 years

-Covergirl Eyeshadow Trio in 'Shimmering Sands'--Repurchased 3 times

-Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer-Repurchased 2 times

-Clinique Lash Definitions Mascara-Repurchased 4 times

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Project 10 Pan Completed

I am trying to down-size my cosmetic collection and makeup collection to fewer products, and use products up all the way, instead of getting into the habit of wanting to try something new before I used up the previous product. 

These are products that I used up! 

I started keeping track of what I used up on August 23, and I completed this on November 18 (today).  I didn't count my daily moisturizer, sunscreen, or eye cream, that I replaced right away. 

Here's what I used up:

1-Neutrogena original handcream
2-Burt's Bees Grapefruit Neroli Body Wash
3-Covergirl Eyeshadow in Shimmering Sands
4-Clinique Lash Definitions Mascara in Black/Brown
5-L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black
6-Poshe Top Coat for Nails
7-Victorias Secret Shimmer Mist Body Spray in 'Bombshell'
8-Sephora Purifying Cleansing Brush Shampoo--don't buy this, i hated it!
9-Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in RSVP
10-Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup Foundation in 04-Fresh Vanilla

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Q and A!

This Q and A was originally posted on Kelly's Makeup Bag blog, and I thought it would be fun to answer these questions too!

Here's my answers!

1) What is your favorite liquid liner?
 - I usually don't wear liner! I only recently began wearing it occasionally. I own a liquid liner from mac, but I have only used it once so far. I prefer to line my eyes with a dark eyeshadow.  

2) What is your favorite mascara? 
 Hmmmmmm, I have always had a weak spot for Clinique mascaras, but right now I am trying out more natural/less chemicals mascaras, and I am a big fan of Tarte's Eco-Friendly Lash-Hugger Mascara. I have bought it twice already. But Sephora doesn't seem to sell it anymore. So I'll probably try something new next. 

3) What was your first MAC eye shadow?
 - My first Mac Eyeshadow was 'Green-Smoke', a pretty olive-gray with shimmer. I only own three total--besides that, I own Carbon (matte black) and Sushi-Flower (pink), which is my favorite! I wear that one the most of the three. It's soft enough to wear to work, with brown eyeshadow. 

4) Do you have a favorite MAC brush?
 - I love my pencil brush from mac. (#219) My favorite brush ever is my Body Shop Kabuki Brush. I use it for applying mineral foundation, mineral bronzer, blush, etc. Its so soft!! 

5) What is your favorite blush of all time?
 My favorite blush is by Lorac, it's called 'Soul'. Its just the perfect mix if pink, slight bronze, and a hint of shimmer. 

6) What is your favorite go-to single eye shadow color?
 - The dark chocolate-y brown matte color from my Croc Palette by Lorac. Its fine to wear alone, but I love it because it also blends so well with other colors too. 

7) What is your favorite nail polish brand and color?
 - Essie's 'Mambo', a peachy nude. 

8) What is the weirdest beauty fad you've gotten into?
 - I've always been into a more natural look, soft colors. I want to break out and try out a crazier trend. I love the look of glitter liner on the bottom lid, it looks crazy, but in a good way, and i'm going to rock that this holiday party season. 

9) What is your favorite drugstore brand?
 - NYX! Second runner up is probably Revlon. 

10) Where do you buy most of your clothes?
 - Express. And I love Nordstrom's for shoes. 

11) What is the first makeup product you remember using?
- I got a tube of Body Shop Mascara for Christmas when I was 13 or so, and I felt so glamourous! That was when I first starting wearing makeup. 

12) What is your favorite beauty product that came out recently?
 - I love Estee Lauder Shadow Creme in 'Gold Dust'. It looks like gold dust was sprinkled on your eyelids. 

13) What is your favorite upcoming fashion trend?
 - I really love all the chunkier boots that I have seen this year in stores, my favorite is by Frye, and it's called 'Vera'

14) If you could only buy one makeup brand, what would it be?
 - That would be so sad! I would have to say probably Clinique, because I have had so many products over the years from Clinique that I have used all up, and loved the results. 

15) How do I start getting into makeup?
 - I'm not an expert either, but I say start with neutrals! Its hard to go wrong, and play around until you get better. If you want bright colors, start with bright eyeliner. Also, go to a counter and ask them to show you how to use their products. If they're rude, just go somewhere else! Don't get discouraged.