Saturday, November 8, 2014

Project Pan Update #1!

Hi all,

Here is my progress on my project pan:

1. Korean Creamy Face Cleanser (from memebox, and very good) USED UP
2. Victoria's Secret Body Fragrance Coconut and Passionfruit USED UP
3. Benefit Bad Girl Lash deluxe sample 
4. Lancer serum deluxe sample USED UP
5. Benefit High Beam Deluxe sample 3/4 left
6. Lipsi Cosmetics Loose Powder in Aphrodite Powder 1/4 left
7. Armani Master Corrector for undereyes (peach shade) USED UP
8. Rose Facial Toner 1/3 bottle left
9. Mitchell and Peach English Hand Cream deluxe sample USED UP
10. Aveeno moisturizing cream USED UP
11. Norwegian Brand hand cream USED UP mini size, 2/3 left in big size
12. Malin + Goetz mint mojito lip balm 1/4 left

Pan That Palette Challenge

Dear All,

I have decided to use my itsjudytime palette from bh cosmetics in my new pan that palette challenge! a few of you may have heard about this on other blogs, or youtube. its basically where you challenge yourself to completely use up all the shades in an entire palette, in efforts to use all your makeup and also to downsize your collection.

i have a lot of eyeshadow palettes that i love, but i usually use the same shades, not the entire palette. this palette has a few bright purples and a dark navy that will be stretching out of my comfort zone to use up.

i'm going to give myself as long as i need, and not making this too hard. i'm not limiting myself to only using this palette. but my goal is to use it up by june 2015. do you think that is a good goal?

i have barely used this palette until now, as you can see. i have mostly used the two matte blending shades and one of the shimmery bronze shades.

Friday, October 24, 2014

my new project 10 pan!

Hello Everyone! so here is my new project 10 pan:)

I'm trying to mix beauty and non-beauty related items, so here are my items:

1. Korean Creamy Face Cleanser (from memebox, and very good)
2. Victoria's Secret Body Fragrance Coconut and Passionfruit
3. Benefit Bad Girl Lash deluxe sample
4. Lancer serum deluxe sample
5. Benefit High Beam Deluxe sample
6. Lipsi Cosmetics Loose Powder in Aphrodite Powder
7. Armani Master Corrector for undereyes (peach shade)
8. Rose Facial Toner
9. Mitchell and Peach English Hand Cream deluxe sample
10. Aveeno moisturizing cream
11. Norwegian Brand hand cream
12. Malin + Goetz mint mojito lip balm

Some of these items are deluxe samples, and some are full size. I'm just trying to use up certain products so I can make sure I use them up before they expire, and make a little more room in my collection.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadow

I'm so excited to get a few colors from the new Milani Bella Gel Eyeshadow collection! I got Bella Violet (shimmer), Bella Navy (satin matte), and Bella Teal (metallic). I love these fun colors, and can't wait to play around with some looks for these! I have only swatched them so far. Do you own any of these?

July Empties and Update

Hello All,

I have been away from blogging from quite some time now, as I was going through major life changes and needed to sort out my life first. During that time, I did start dating someone new. He is quite honestly the best man I have ever met in my life!

Its been a year almost since we started dating. I also have moved back home with my parents, so there's a peek at only some of the big changes that I have been experiencing.

And now....on to my empties! These are what I used up during July 2014. Its a bit early but I have a lot already and I will be working a lot at the end of the month. :)

1. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Face Wash: This is my favorite face wash of life. I like how its gentle, cheap and soap-free. It removes all my makeup well, but doesn't feel drying. I usually wait for this to go on sale, it frequently does, and it around $4. 

2. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: Have you ever used these? Don't they feel so satisfying when you clean out your pores? As gross as that sounds. I only buy the nose strips. 

3. Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Shampoo: This is pricey, but did a good job, was gentle, moisturizing, and smelled really good. I would consider on a sale. 

4. Clean Warm Cotton Lotion (deluxe sample): This smelled like laundry detergent! And very strong smell indeed. I did not enjoy smelling like laundry. I used this up on my legs after shaving. 

5. Toothpaste :) Crest Pro-Health Regular and Travel size: Will always go back to this. 

6. CVS Brand Makeup Cleansing Wipes: These were on sale, so I grabbed them. The packaging fell apart about 3/4 through which I did not enjoy, and it made the last ones a bit dry. 

7. Ayres Body Butter: Strong smell of rosemary. Felt nice. I prefer more girly, floral/citrusy scents. 

8. Origins Ginzeng Face Lotion: My favorite face lotion ever!! Its my third bottle I think, and I will always go back to this. 

9. Fresh Black Tea Eye Cream: I loved this so much, I got it on a Nordstrom gift with purchase deal for spring, which was amazing. They gave soooo many good size samples. This deluxe sample lasted me almost 2 months, no joke. It was so moisturizing, and felt so nice. My concealer just glided on. It helped with puffiness too. The full size is $85 so a bit off-putting, but it was amazing so I might consider it as a treat after my Origins runs out again. 

10. Clarins Eye Concentrate: (deluxe sample) I also really enjoyed this. Very very good. It didn't smell like anything, just a bit perfumey. But the smell went away quickly. 

11. Benefit Stay Don't Stray: Loved this, would definitely repurchase if I didn't have so many problems cream products irritating my eyelids lately. I would repurchase maybe for special occasions but for everyday I can't wear products like these anymore. Does anyone else get those little white bumps from cream shadows and bases?

12. Bite Beauty Lip Gloss ''2005'': A gold glitter with a clear gloss base. Part of a gift set from bite beauty. 

13. Clean Rain Mini Perfume: Also smells so strong and like detergent, why?????

14. Samples of Orogold Cosmetics 24 carat gold Face CreamI included this because I got so many samples of this. I used up 4 samples last month. It smelled nice, and states it contains real gold. I'm not sure of the benefit of applying gold to your face, but it felt nice and moisturizing, and non-irritating. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sephora vib sale

Hi everyone!!!

We'll life has just been hectic, and I've been so sick these past few weeks really. I completely lost my voice, but I started feeling a little better and I went out to get a burrito and run a few needed errands.

I also popped into sephora since they re having the vib sale for 20% off! and got these things:

Alterna caviar shampoo and conditioner:

I got a sample of this a while back and it felt amazing in my hair, the smell is delicious, and I wanted to treat myself to a higher end shampoo n conditioner. I have been using my trusty tresemme for years, but I felt like a change.

Nars madly blush:

This is my favorite blush of all time. It just warms up my skin perfectly, with a healthy glow. I finished up my last one and I have been burning to get another.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enter: Dark Side of Beauty's Chanel 'Taboo' Nail Varnish Giveaway!!

 Dear Readers:

Click here to enter a fabulous nail polish giveaway at 'Dark Side of Beauty'.

Dark Side of Beauty is a blog I have been following for a long time now, and one in which I am always inspired to paint my nails a fun, different color instead of just the usual baby pinks. Nancy always has fun colors to share!

She is doing a giveaway of Chanel's 'Taboo'. So go enter and win!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Gabriel Cosmetics Eye Primer Review

Hi Everyone!! Long time no blog! Lol, I have been busy, not too busy to try out a new product however!

This is the Eye Primer from Gabriel Cosmetics, I got it online from It retails for $13.55.

I was looking for a natural eye primer, but wanted one that actually works. I like this product a lot. It does make eyeshadow last longer on my lids. On hot days or through sweating, :) I like that is a very creamy product, but once it dries, it stays put.

It is a light nude beige shade, but on me its lighter than my skin tone. It has a nice brightening effect, and allows for my favorite bronzey brown shades to show up more vibrantly on my eyes.

Do you have any other natural primers that you like??

Friday, February 15, 2013

Too Faced: Lash Gasm Review

This review is for Too Faced "Lash Gasm" Mascara, which is supposed to make your lashes so big and lush. Personally, I hated this mascara, the brush is interesting. Its super flexible rubber with the tiniest spikes all over to get the mascara on even the base of your roots.

This mascara was a clumpy flaky mess on me. I tried it on for a few weeks, not wanting to waste it. But I was so glad when I used it for a month, and finally could throw it away. It was $21, after all.

I like trying new products, and usually don't hate any mascaras, but this one I did. It clumped like crazy, and when it dried after a few hours, I had to clean up under my eyes where it flaked off. My lashes looked thicker, but more like clumpier thicker, not in a good way.

I'll go back to my Clinique mascaras any day.

Which is sad, I usually always love Too Faced products, they have the cutest names and packaging. I love their eyeshadows, blushes, and brushes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tarina Tarantino: Sale at Sephora

I love Tarina Tarantino makeup products. I highly recommend this brand's eyeshadows and blushes.

My pick for the sale is the 'Dollskin Cheek Palette', which is on sale for $27 for a cute palette with 4 different shades of blushes. My favorite is 'Parasol', which is a pretty coral shimmer shade, but here you can try 4 of Tarina Tarantino's blushes.

I wanted this for a long time, but at $45, I didn't quite pull the trigger. Now this brand's on sale, snatch this up!

I'm also eyeing her eyeshadow palettes.