Friday, October 24, 2014

my new project 10 pan!

Hello Everyone! so here is my new project 10 pan:)

I'm trying to mix beauty and non-beauty related items, so here are my items:

1. Korean Creamy Face Cleanser (from memebox, and very good)
2. Victoria's Secret Body Fragrance Coconut and Passionfruit
3. Benefit Bad Girl Lash deluxe sample
4. Lancer serum deluxe sample
5. Benefit High Beam Deluxe sample
6. Lipsi Cosmetics Loose Powder in Aphrodite Powder
7. Armani Master Corrector for undereyes (peach shade)
8. Rose Facial Toner
9. Mitchell and Peach English Hand Cream deluxe sample
10. Aveeno moisturizing cream
11. Norwegian Brand hand cream
12. Malin + Goetz mint mojito lip balm

Some of these items are deluxe samples, and some are full size. I'm just trying to use up certain products so I can make sure I use them up before they expire, and make a little more room in my collection.

Thanks for stopping by!