Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Blush Collection

My blush collection! I included a picture of Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer, because I only recently used it up, and I loved it. 

On the top left is my (favorite) blush, Lorac 'Soul' blush. It is my go-to everyday blush, especially since I'm out of Dallas. its a tan/rose. Its in my 'Croc' palette by Lorac. In the summer when I am tanner, I also use this as a bronzer. 

On the top right is Tarte's 'Blushing Bride', a sparkly rose.  

Bottom left is my new favorite blush. Its a mineral blush, and is called 'Coral Sea', by Coastal Classic Creations. This is the mini sample size. It looks so scary orange in the container! But it applies so beautifully, and this shade really warms my face with a pretty coral color. 

Bottom right is Stila Custom Color (original pink) blush. A very pretty pink. It looks hot pink in the pan too, which is fun. 

Benefit Dallas Blush/Bronzer, which I just love! It's such a pretty peachy tan. I use this as a blush, bronzer, and all over face color. Very versatile, which I like!

I also recently picked up the new Nars 'Danmari' Blush Palette. It is very fun to have so many pretty colors in one palette. It is quite big too.

Of this palette, my favorites are the bronzer 'Casino' (brown shade on bottom left) and blush 'Sin'. (Bottom right), though I have been using Desire quite a bit more than I thought I would (top right). Its a matte shade, so I thought it was nice they included at least 1 matte.

It would have been the perfect palette except that they included Superorgasm and orgasm, and I think they should have included a second matte blush instead of Superorgasm. But I still think it is a very nice palette.


  1. I have the Stila color! I'm really pale, so it comes out very doll-like on me. Love it!

  2. Very nice~ I love the NARS palette :)
    The Stila one looks so pretty!

  3. These look great. I'll have to check them out.

  4. The NARS palette is so nice, but I do agree that they should have considered replacing superorgasm with something matte. Lovely collection!

  5. Enjoy your NARS palette, it has all the lovely shades!:D

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  6. loving your danmari palette! enjoy it:)
    i've ordered dallas, hopefully i like it too
    heres my blog , have a look and follow if you like ^_^