Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beauty Q and A!

This Q and A was originally posted on Kelly's Makeup Bag blog, and I thought it would be fun to answer these questions too!

Here's my answers!

1) What is your favorite liquid liner?
 - I usually don't wear liner! I only recently began wearing it occasionally. I own a liquid liner from mac, but I have only used it once so far. I prefer to line my eyes with a dark eyeshadow.  

2) What is your favorite mascara? 
 Hmmmmmm, I have always had a weak spot for Clinique mascaras, but right now I am trying out more natural/less chemicals mascaras, and I am a big fan of Tarte's Eco-Friendly Lash-Hugger Mascara. I have bought it twice already. But Sephora doesn't seem to sell it anymore. So I'll probably try something new next. 

3) What was your first MAC eye shadow?
 - My first Mac Eyeshadow was 'Green-Smoke', a pretty olive-gray with shimmer. I only own three total--besides that, I own Carbon (matte black) and Sushi-Flower (pink), which is my favorite! I wear that one the most of the three. It's soft enough to wear to work, with brown eyeshadow. 

4) Do you have a favorite MAC brush?
 - I love my pencil brush from mac. (#219) My favorite brush ever is my Body Shop Kabuki Brush. I use it for applying mineral foundation, mineral bronzer, blush, etc. Its so soft!! 

5) What is your favorite blush of all time?
 My favorite blush is by Lorac, it's called 'Soul'. Its just the perfect mix if pink, slight bronze, and a hint of shimmer. 

6) What is your favorite go-to single eye shadow color?
 - The dark chocolate-y brown matte color from my Croc Palette by Lorac. Its fine to wear alone, but I love it because it also blends so well with other colors too. 

7) What is your favorite nail polish brand and color?
 - Essie's 'Mambo', a peachy nude. 

8) What is the weirdest beauty fad you've gotten into?
 - I've always been into a more natural look, soft colors. I want to break out and try out a crazier trend. I love the look of glitter liner on the bottom lid, it looks crazy, but in a good way, and i'm going to rock that this holiday party season. 

9) What is your favorite drugstore brand?
 - NYX! Second runner up is probably Revlon. 

10) Where do you buy most of your clothes?
 - Express. And I love Nordstrom's for shoes. 

11) What is the first makeup product you remember using?
- I got a tube of Body Shop Mascara for Christmas when I was 13 or so, and I felt so glamourous! That was when I first starting wearing makeup. 

12) What is your favorite beauty product that came out recently?
 - I love Estee Lauder Shadow Creme in 'Gold Dust'. It looks like gold dust was sprinkled on your eyelids. 

13) What is your favorite upcoming fashion trend?
 - I really love all the chunkier boots that I have seen this year in stores, my favorite is by Frye, and it's called 'Vera'

14) If you could only buy one makeup brand, what would it be?
 - That would be so sad! I would have to say probably Clinique, because I have had so many products over the years from Clinique that I have used all up, and loved the results. 

15) How do I start getting into makeup?
 - I'm not an expert either, but I say start with neutrals! Its hard to go wrong, and play around until you get better. If you want bright colors, start with bright eyeliner. Also, go to a counter and ask them to show you how to use their products. If they're rude, just go somewhere else! Don't get discouraged. 

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