Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LORAC Cosmetics: VIP discount

I was so excited because Lorac Cosmetics has a VIP discount sale on their website. To be a VIP, you just have to sign up your email, and name, and a few other information. It doesn't require you to purchase anything or any amount first.

The sale is really good!! I have the Lorac croc palette, and it is my favorite makeup palette probably ever.

I use it daily. I really have been wanting to try more LORAC products.

On their VIP sale section, they have eyeshadows and cream eye liners for $2! Crayon eyeliners are only $1, and they all retail from $16-22.

I got the baked satin eyeshadow in 'Drama', which is the dark grey pictured below, and the duo highlighter and cream shadow/liner in black shown below. I also got, which I am very excited about receiving the Lorac eyeshadow in a matte black color, it's simply called 'black'.

I read a lot of very positive reviews about how black it is, and blendable. My other Lorac shadows are great, so I"m really excited!


  1. nice. xo

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