Saturday, July 16, 2011

Worst Dressed City #20: San Francisco??

LoL. I highlighted my favorite parts. 

Do you agree? I don't! Except for the part about the weather, haha. Its so gloomy right now, like summers tend to be. Lots of overcast, borderline chilly days with no sun. Often foggy. It was SUPER foggy today. 

But I have to defend my city. 

"20. San Francisco
Marked by uber-brains from the Silicon Valley/biotech/finance nerd trifecta, aging blue bloods, Midwest transplants San Francisco exists, in part, as the older, wiser, straitlaced counterpoint to the younger, flashier, bottle-service-vodka-swilling Los Angeles. Aggressively casual and understated, San Franciscans eschew sartorial frivolity of any kind (like color, for example) in favor of the highly practical and high performing, not surprising in a city known more for its brain trust than style quotient. And it's no accident that good old dependable American brands like Levi's, Gap and Dockers are comfortably headquartered here. Muted earth tones and grayscale reign, possibly a reaction to generally abysmal weather or to the unrestrained flamboyance of its southern brethren (see: Newport Beach, the afore-mentioned LA). But would it kill you, San Francisco, to give the fleece a rest and put on a blazer for a night? We get it though, it can't be easy to be the intellectual capital of the country—just know that there are options out there, and that a wardrobe bought entirely from REI is not a source of pride.—Maxandra Short  "

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  1. I never been to San Francisco, so I cannot judge its fashion, but I was said that it is a beautiful city:)


  2. I wonder how they came to that conclusion? I wonder what my city rated . . .

  3. it is beautiful!! dont believe them!!