Tuesday, July 12, 2011

how do you sleep? I sleep in a safari jungle

i just ordered new comforter and comforter cover. i got a new full-size bed about 8 months ago, or so, and have been wanting to get a new, bigger comforter and cover that will fit my new bed.

before that, i was still in a twin size bed, and now i feel so luxurious in my bigger, full bed! its really comfortable.

i ordered this white LL BEAN sateen comforter cover, and a new down comforter from LL Bean as well. i am always cold, so i always sleep with a lot of blankets. even though its summertime, i still sleep with three blankets. i want to cut back to just two, and if i try a down one, maybe i'll be able to do that.

doesn't white look so pretty and crisp? i have darker blue walls with a lighter blue ceiling, so it'll pop. i do sleep with a little rascal of a dog (see right side bar), so i'll just have to be careful to not get it dirty.

underneath i have a leopard print comforter cover for my thinner cotton blanket, and then i have another smaller twin size down comforter in cream (no cover as of now) that i layer.

The leopard looks sort of like this:
Its from Bed Bath and Beyond clearance. I only have the comforter cover, not the sheet set. And in real life, it's not quite as intense as this picture. It's a little more toned down than appears here.

I also have this brown zebra comforter cover. Its a brown and cream color. Also BBB clearance. I'm debating covering my cream down comforter with it, since it'll be layered under my top all-white comforter cover, it won't be super noticeable that I have BOTH leopard and zebra at the same time on my bed, lol. A safari jungle!

Or....I can just do what I've been doing and alternate with washings. Its more chocolate brown than shown in the picture.

I'll have to see how noticeable it is. I don't want to clash.

side note: i'm getting a new battery for my camera soon, and after that, i hope to get up and running with the real life photos

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